We offer various solutions for the aerospace industry and the complex materials used for the components of an aircraft. In fact, we have been working with the market leaders in the industry since many decades – be it for CNC-machining, waterjet cutting or innovative ultrasonic cutting.

Excellent Geometry Design: The end mills feature a unique combination of unequal helix and unequal pitch, effectively reducing resonance during machining operations.

High Flexural Strength: Crafted from high-quality ultra-fine particle tungsten carbide material, our end mills offer enhanced thermal shock resistance, ensuring durability and longevity.

Reinforced Edge Strength: The design includes strengthened edge gaps to prevent edge chipping and maintain tool integrity.

Rounded Edge Gap Design: The rounded edge gap design enhances tool strength and facilitates efficient chip evacuation, promoting smoother machining operations.

Unequal Segmentation Design: The unequal segmentation design improves the end mills' resistance to vibration during high-feed machining, ensuring optimal performance.

W-Materials Endmills

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